Alumni are the flag-bearers of the glory of an educational institution. Their job, position, status and social recognition are the parameters for assessing the worth and value of any institution. The alumni of our College are occupying honorable posts and positions in different parts of this Country and Abroad. They bring name & fame to the College. Some of them are as follows :
Sri Mukesh Kumar Jain, Sr. Income-Tax Advocate, Muzaffarnagar & Hon’ble Secretary, Managing Committee, Shri Kund Kund Jain (P-G) College, Khatauli.
Dr. S.M. Kansal, Retd. Reader & Head, Dept. of English, Shri Kund Kund Jain (P-G) College, Khatauli.
Shri Sarabjeet Singh, Director, I. P. M. Meerut.
Dr. Ghasi Ram Verma, Retd. Head, Dept. of Chemistry, S. D. College, Muzaffarnagar.
Dr. Jai Singh Verma, Retd. Head, Dept. of Chemistry, N.A.S. College, Meerut.
Dr. (Mrs.) Vijaya Tomar, Principal, C.M.K. National (P-G) College, Sirsa (Haryana)
Sri Naresh Paliwal, Ex-Chairman, Nagar Palika, Khatauli (U.P.)
Dr. Sarvan Kumar Sharma, Journalist, Ex-Sr. Sub-Editor, Danik Jagran, Meerut.
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